Details of Classic XL / Classic Long design

Traditional Style

Available Constructions

The construction of door sections is based on the materials used for the walls and the materials used between them. Thus, the construction is directly related to the level of the door's insulation.

The icons representing the construction are used to show the availability of our embossings, colors, windows, etc. This way, you can quickly see if what you like is available, for example, for an insulated door or not.

Click on the links for each construction for more details.

What level of insulation do you need and what is the "R" value? ?

Pattern and Layout

Classic XL 40" x 13"

R-16, 3 layers, Polyurethane
R-12, 3 layers, Polyurethane
Pattern Classic XL

Classic Long 42" x 14"

3 layers | Polystyrene
2 layers | Polystyrene
Pattern Classic Long


Layout Classic XL / Classic Long

STEEL (light woodgrain finish)



Premium colors: small additional fees apply.

The accuracy of colors on the website may vary depending on your screen settings. To see the true colors, please contact your local Garaga dealer for a sample.

Corresponding colors

See the Garaga colors that correspond to Gentek or Royal (formerly Residential) aluminum capping.

Logo Gentek
Logo Royal

Corresponding colors

See the Garaga colors that correspond to Gentek or Royal (formerly Residential) aluminum capping.

Logo Gentek
Logo Royal

The images shown may slightly vary from reality. To see the exact reproduction of our windows, what sizes and options are available for each garage door design or model, see our Design Centre.

Window Layouts

Window layouts are only offered for the Classic XL design. Also, depending on the width of the chosen door, the availability of the Window layouts and the number of windows may vary. See our Design Centre.

Technical Specifications

Classic XL is one of the designs of the Standard+ and Acadia 138 garage door models. Classic Long1 is one of the designs of the Vantage2 and Regal garage door models.3 Consult the information below to know the technical specifications of each one.

1Note that the name of the "XL Series" model from Mid‑America has been changed to Classic Long.

2The Triforce garage door model is no longer available and has been replaced by the Vantage model.

3The Regal and Vantage garage door models are part of the Mid‑America series. Note that the 2500 model is now included in the Regal model with the names Regal N25.

Garaga - Mid-America Series

Classic XL or Classic Long Design on Garaga Design Centre

Use our Design Centre to build the garage door that will be the best match for your home. Try different colors, windows, etc.

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Classic XL / Classic Long design

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Maxime, Michel and Martin Gendreau

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