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There is a lot to think about when you are buying and installing a new garage door.

  • You have to choose a door style that fits with your home’s architecture, color and design elements.
  • You have to find a door that will fit your specific performance, security and weatherproofing needs.
  • You will have to try to get every trait that you need without going over your budget.

At Bouma Bros. Sales and Service Inc., our experts can help you make choosing a new door a much simpler process. If you visit our showroom in the Grand Rapids area, you can not only see and touch samples of our garage doors, you can also ask questions to our staff so that you can get every answer that you need to make an informed decision about your next garage door upgrade.

Because we have over 50 years of "real world" experience, we can suggest the best door and best accessories for your needs (even if your needs are very specific). We do not just want to sell you a generic garage door. We want you to be confident that you are getting the best garage door for your home.

And we want you to be confident after you install your door too. That’s why our doors are of the highest quality. With proper maintenance, your door will rarely need repairs during its lifetime.

What will you find when you visit our showroom?

  • Complete door samples. Many of our design styles are on full display. You can see classic and contemporary models, and specific designs such as stretch, contemporary or carriage house doors.
  • Samples of all the different colors that we offer.
  • Samples of our window styles.
  • A full range of garage door openers, accessories and safety features. We have the latest products in stock and on display.
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Our showroom also has a Design Centre. Here, you can show us a photo of your home and your garage and then create a virtual picture of what our doors would look like on your existing structure. This way, you can be absolutely confident that you are getting the right design for your home.

We also offer home visits and appraisals. You can contact us at 616-452-4704 to make an appointment. We can come to your home, take measurements, show you samples and photos, and provide expert advice about which of our doors will best suit your specific situation.

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