Why we recommend Garaga

At Bouma Bros. Sales and Service Inc., we’ve realized that the best garage doors in the industry are made by Garaga. With over three decades of garage door manufacturing, Garaga always makes durable and reliable products. They are a cut above when it comes to quality. Customers love the excellent service that comes with designing a new GARAGA garage door. From a first visit to the final installation, many customers say the experience surpassed their expectations!

To always ensure top quality installations, Garaga created the Garaga Experts network. Only qualified, trained technicians can become part of this exclusive group. At Bouma Bros. Sales and Service Inc., we are proud members. We have the needed experience to provide expert customer service during consultations, installations, maintenance and repairs. We meet all of Garaga’s strict requirements for education and training. As a reputable garage door dealer, we only want to recommend the best products to our customers. That’s why we don’t hesitate to recommend Garaga brand garage doors – their quality is second to none.

Why GARAGA garage doors are the best on the market:


GARAGA garage doors are able to withstand even icy North American winters. The high R‑value insulation means the cold temperatures can’t enter your home. Each door is carefully manufactured with a thermal bridge and they are made to weather any storm! To see what a Garaga door can do, please see the performance videos here – you’ll be convinced Garaga is your best choice!


Since quality is at the forefront of its priorities, Garaga only uses the best, most durable materials to build its garage doors. This is why most GARAGA garage door models come with a limited lifetime warranty. You can rest assured your new door will last for many years to come. Garaga sets the bar when it comes to customer expectations.

Style and design

GARAGA garage doors offer homeowners high style with their beautiful designs. From color to overlays to decorative hardware, every detail has been carefully crafted. Garaga’s many door models are designed to coordinate with different architectural styles. Each door can be customized to perfectly match a home’s color, style and look. Homeowners can also tailor their door by adding decorative garage door windows. For your next garage door, choose one that is not only well insulated and durable, but also beautifully designed. Let your home stand out – a custom GARAGA garage door will give you the curb appeal you’ve always wanted.

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